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Wayne Rudy Enterprises specializes in custom website design and maintenance for small to medium sized businesses. Knowing that everyone and their brother thinks they can create a professional web presence, we knew we would have to be an exceptional web development company. Our goal is to offer the best possible service and the latest in internet technology at a fair price. We believe there is no web design company that makes getting your web site online any easier and painless. Our list of clients ranges from small home business operators with minimal advertising budgets to medical firms that have their own marketing department. We also work with many graphic artists that prefer designing the web site but aren't interested in being a webmaster.


It started out way back in 1996 when a new era in personal computing started flourishing. I shut down the old IBM 8088 and bought my first PC. I started making websites for friends and family as a hobby, learning all that I could about web design along the way. I found that I really enjoyed creating web pages and realized that the industry was in it's infancy so the knowledge needed to stay on top of the industry was constantly changing. This also appealed to me. In 1999 I started the business part time because I was getting so many referrals from people I had done sites for. Then, like now, I offered great prices and great service and word got around that I was able to get emergency jobs done on time and under budget. This led to a new explosion of clients and in 2005 I started full-time web development

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