IWA Code of Ethics

International Webmasters Association Code of Ethics
RECOGNIZING the responsibility of the Web profession to the people and business of our global community believing that we should encourage and foster high ethical standards in our profession, we do hereby adopt the following CODE OF ETHICS for our constant guidance and inspiration predicated upon the basic principles of truth, justice and fair play.
  1. To show faith in the worthiness of our profession by industry, honesty, and courtesy, in order to merit a reputation for high quality of service and fair dealing.
  2. To add to the knowledge of our profession by constant study and to share the lessons of our experience with our fellow members.
  3. To build an ever increasing confidence and good will with the public and our employers by poise, self-restraint and constructive cooperation.
  4. To conduct ourselves in the most ethical and competent manner when soliciting professional service or seeking employment, thus meriting confidence in our knowledge and integrity.
  5. To accept our full share of responsibility in constructive public service to community, state, our nation and the global community.
  6. To protect the intellectual property of others by relying on our own innovation and efforts, thus ensuring that all benefits vest with its originator.
  7. To strive to attain and to express a sincerity of character that shall enrich our human contacts, ever aiming toward that ideal--"The Practice of the Golden Rule."

I joined the IWA back in 1999 because their Code of Ethics represents the philosophy we hope to achieve as a company. We offer the best customer service and quickest response times in the industry. We work closely with our clients so that they know we are part of their team and will be there when they need us, even in an emergency.


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