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Hosting is storage space on a hard drive, on a secure computer (server), with a high speed 24 hour a day connection to the Internet backbone This is where the images, scripts and HTML that make up your website resides. The public can access your site whenever they want, by going to your unique address (www.yourcompany.com).

You could set up your own server but you would have to monitor it 24 hours a day to make sure your webpages are functional, or create two servers, one as a backup (redundant) system. A high speed connection, so more than one person could access your site at a time. Then there is the security side of the equation, Firewalls, SSL etc.

Leave that to us; security, space, speed and 24 hour a day availability to yourcompany.com web pages.

Server Information

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When you sign up for Web Hosting with us you will receive your Mail addresses and passwords. If you want to change your passwords or addresses login in to online WebMail or we can update your settings if you send an E-mail to support@werweb.com or use our Support Page Form

We can also set it up so that mail sent to yourname@yourcompany.com automatically forwards to another E-mail address. (i.e. you@aol.com)

An Autoresponder is available. This Program sends an automated response to anyone who sends you e-mail .

Email aliasing is also available. This would be setting up an email address that sends email to another one of your email boxes. For instance, sales@werweb.com actually sends mail to my support@werweb.com mailbox.

Instructions on setting up your E-mail in Outlook

How much does a Web Site cost ?..........<Back to Top>

Our "Design Packages Page" and "Hosting Packages Page" have costs for complete packages and monthly hosting costs.

Otherwise it is just about impossible to answer without knowing exactly what is involved with developing your Web Site. You can spend anywhere from $500 to $50,000 or more. Our $500 package is one of the best deals you will find anywhere for a Custom Web Site. You can hardly get your name in the yellow pages for that.
Basic costs are:

  • Set - Up* (FREE)
  • Domain Registration - $20.00/year
  • Hosting - $10.00 - $50.00 a month (depending on package)
  • Design - $70.00 per hour
  • Programming/Consulting - $70.00 per hour
  • Graphics - $75 minimum for custom artwork, fixing photographs, etc.
  • *Online Store - Min. $150.00 set up fee
  • Secure Certificates: $70/year

What is Domain Registration ?......<Back to Top> <-Back..

Domain registration is the process of securing your Domain name (yourname.com/net etc). Your domain name is what people type in their browser address bar to navigate to your webpages. Domain names are issued by domain registrars. The two big ones are GoDaddy and Network Solutions. Domain names are basically a lease charged by the year. You can purchase a domain name for a period of 1 to 10 years. When we register your domain name, the name you request is matched with an IP address, ours is We also have to assign a nameserver, a location on the internet where your IP address is located and people who type your domain name will be pointed. The nameserver that hosts our hosted sites is ns.werweb.net. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN) handles IP address space allocation and manages domain names. You can visit the ICANN web site for more detailed information at http://www.icann.com

You can register your domain name through one of the registrars for less than $20.00 a year. We can also register your domain name for you

What if I want to change my Web Pages ? ....<Back to Top>

We can change your webpages at any time. We also offer 'Page Updates' . We can set it up so that you may change information, such as News ,Sales etc. , and have your 'Pages Updated' on a regular basis. We can set it up so we update your pages for you or we can design a program that will allow you to update your pages by changing a text file either in Notepad or online.

Will you do a Web Site for anyone ? .........<Back to Top>

No, we will not do any sites that promote pornography, hate groups or any illegal activities of any kind, or any sites that are promoting anything else we don't feel comfortable with.

We have clients in Maryland, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and even one in Switzerland. The nice thing about the internet is you can work with clients all around the world, although our main business is in Northern California.

Tell me about your guarantee ? ..........<Back to Top>

Our guarantee is simple. We will design a site for you and we won't stop until you are happy with the results. We cannot guarantee any results, sales, visitors, etc. to your site. We will do everything possible to assure our clients are satisfied with the appearance of their Website. View our Terms & Conditions with more information about our guarantee

How much information can I put on one page ?...<Back to Top>

There is no set amount of information that each page can have. The main concern is navigation, you want it to be easy for your customers to find the information that they came looking for.The other consideration is download time, you don't want to put too many pictures on one page. The average time a person should wait for a page to load is about 10 seconds, this is a page of about 35k in size on a 56k modem. 

Will you do Online Stores ?..........<Back to Top>

Yes, we can set up everything for you. Whether you have one item to sell or thousands. There are plenty of options when considering an Online Store. We can set up a database store that you can change easily. A single page order form, or detailed store pages that offer unlimited options. We can set up Secure Servers for Credit Card transactions, Mail Order forms, just about any type of store you want. This is the fastest growing segment of the internet and should be considered when deciding to go online with your business. . For more information on E-commerce check out our E-commerce Design page and our Hosting E-commerce Page

What about Search Engine results? ..........<Back to Top>

We design your website to help get it moved up on search engine lists. This would include adding keywords, proper html and header tags, and explaining what is required to get your site on the front page of a search. We will also submit your site to the main search engines. We offer SEO programs that will help you get to the front page on the search engines and stay there.

Will you set it all up and let us manage the site ? ...<Back to Top>

Absolutely, this is what we call CMS or a Content Management System. We build your site then train you to update and manage your web pages through an easy to use administrative control panel. This allows you to update content on your website with ease. There is no html knowledge required. Our custom CMS systems have proven to be invaluable to our clients that have tried the out-of-the-box CMS programs.

Can I do it all myself ?..........<Back to Top>

Sure, making custom web pages is not rocket science but it is time consuming. You will have to decide if it is worth the time to learn HTML and how it works. We do offer consulting at $70 per hour if you get stuck. There are many considerations when deciding to do it yourself including advances in technology, designing for multiple browsers and resolutions. We are continuously learning and updating our skills so that we can offer the most up to date technology that the internet has to offer.

The most inexpensive way to get online is to sign up for one of our Hosting Packages and use the Web Site Building Wizard to do it all yourself. This is a great way to get started but eventually you should consider a custom website. A custom website is tailored to your business and your industry, instead of using templates out of the box you get a site that is unique and reflects your business.

Glossary > What does that mean?..........<Back to Top>

Autoresponder <-Back..
This is an automated message that is sent to anyone who E-mails you. It can say whatever you would like it to say (ie. Thank you for sending us an E-mail we will contact you as soon as possible)
Unlimited E-mail Aliases
You can have as many E-mail addresses as you like. All mail will go to a box in your E-mail called Default, this mail is then forwarded to your main mail box name. For example, you could send an E-mail to ComputerNerds@werweb.com or anybody@werweb.com, and that mail will end up in our main mailbox called sales@werweb.com
Contact Form
This is a form on your website that visitors or clients can fill out to ask questions or contact you. It works using your e-mail and will send you the results of the form as soon as the Submit button is hit.
Mailing List <-Back..
This is a form that a visitor would put their E-mail address in and submit. When they submit their name and email address that information is added to a list on your mail server. When you want to e-mail all the people on your mailing list, you would write one e-mail and send it to the list on your mail server, which in turn will send the e-mail to all that have added their name. For example, your mailing list might be called MyCompany-News@mycompany.com, say 200 people sign up for your mailing list, instead of trying to send out 200 emails you would write one e-mail to Mycompany-News@mycompany.com. The mail server does the rest, sends out all 200 e-mails for you.
Cookies <-Back..
A very small text file placed on your hard drive by a Web Page server. It is essentially your identification card, and cannot be executed as code or deliver viruses. It is uniquely yours and can only be read by the server that gave it to you. You can read more about them at Microsoft or Netscape.
IP Address <-Back..
Every computer connected to the Internet is assigned a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Since these numbers are usually assigned in country-based blocks, an IP address can often be used to identify the country from which a computer is connecting to the Internet. Everything on the internet uses an IP number. This is a number that looks like (This is our IP address, clicking it will take you to our home page) Your computer has one that is assigned to you by your Interent Service provider. Your I.P is:

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