Get Started - Money Saving Tips

This list will help you get started with your website. There are some tips below that will get you going in the right direction but if you have any questions or are not comfortable doing these things, please contact us and we will take care of it for you.

  1. Secure a domain name:
    • This is the address people will use to find you, try to get your company name, or a descriptive name, I might get for instance
    • Try to get a .com if you are a business, use .org or .net when appropriate.
    • Purchase your domain for as many years in advance as you can afford
    • Use GoDaddy for purchasing domain names. I've been using them for years, their service and prices are excellent.

  2. Set-up web hosting:
    • This is the computer that hosts your domain name, you can use GoDaddy or shop around
    • We offer hosting service, at reasonable rates and with personal service, for clients we create websites for, in which case we will set this all up for you, including your email accounts.

  3. Get your content together:
    • All the information and images you want on your website needs to be gathered or created. Good content is the key to getting visitors to your website.
    • If you have company brochures, other advertisements, images of your product, office, employees, happy clients, your building, etc. We've created complete websites from even a business card, so anything helps.
    • We can assist you with writing content for your site, basically the idea is to use keywords you think people will use to search for your website.

  4. Money Saving Tips:
    • Have a plan. Go to other websites you like and get some ideas on the content you want to display. Create a "site map", write content and choose the images you want on each page
    • Get images together, if you don't have your own, there are a few image libraries you can visit to find images. I use iStockPhoto, other popular websites being used by web designers are Shutterstock and Fotolia
    • Let us know what you want your website to do. Is it informational, online shopping, service & support?
    • Are you trying to attract national, international or local customers? Are you marketing to businesses or individuals? Do you have a client base that you are setting up service for or trying to attract clients through search engines and other online marketing strategies?

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